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Carbon Monoxide Detection in Focus

As people continue to spend the majority of their day in enclosed spaces, the increased exposure risk to inhaled air pollutants has become a major topic of discussion in the HVAC/R and building management markets.

One of the most common inhaled indoor air pollutants is Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and toxic gas. Low concentration exposure of Carbon Monoxide can lead to fatigue or chest pains. Conversely, exposure to high concentrations can lead to impaired vision, dizziness, confusion or nausea – and potentially lead to death of an occupant in an enclosed space. Because of the heightened awareness associated with Carbon Monoxide and the associated health impacts, there are many companies innovating in the Carbon Monoxide detection space.

Innovaer Technologies Carbon Monoxide sensor portfolio reshapes the electrochemical Carbon Monoxide measurement arena. All of our Carbon Monoxide sensors have a market leading price-to-performance ratio and include the following features:

  • UL 2075 certified: UL File Number E5318419
  • Reduced cross-sensitivity: reduced measurement impact from CH4, CO2, SO2, HCHO, NH3, and C4H10
  • Fast response: t90 less than16s and t10 less than 28s
  • Increased lifetime: > 10 years installed life
  • Onboard RHT compensation: no loss of measurement accuracy with RHT changes

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Portfolio

  • ECO-5011
  • Analog output: 1.5nA – 3.0nA per ppm
  • Expanded measuring range: 0 – 10,000ppm
  • Designed for battery powered applications
  • ECO-5011A
  • UART output
  • Expanded measuring range: 0 – 10,000ppm
  • High accuracy: +/-5ppm+10%
  • Designed for simplified integration
  • ECO-5011A-01
  • UART output
  • Precise measuring ranger: 0 – 1,000ppm
  • Increased accuracy: +/-5ppm+5%
  • Designed for simplified integration

CPSC Proposed Rule for CO Monitoring in Residential Furnaces & Boilers

The U. S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission has been working hard to determine the impact of residential gas-fired furnaces, boilers, wall furnaces, and floor furnaces on the levels of Carbon Monoxide found in homes.

As of today, the CPSC has published a proposed rule that would require real-time monitoring of Carbon Monoxide levels within these residential appliances. The goal of which is to ensure our homes are not subject to dangerous increases in Carbon Monoxide. This proposed rule would require all HVAC/R OEMs, Integrators, and Automation providers to develop a Carbon Monoxide sensor that can withstand the harsh environments of residential furnaces and boilers.

Innovaer Technologies has already begun work for new innovative sensors that are designed specifically for this application. We are in the later stages of developing a Carbon Monoxide measurement platform that would be able to withstand the elevated temperatures, the aggressive temperature cycling found in this application, as well as the measurement range and accuracy required the by CPSC.

You can download a copy of the CPSC document by clicking the button below.

Link to 16 CFR Part 1408
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