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Sensor Converge Expo – June 27th to 29th Booth 1225

Visit Innovaer at Sensors Converge Booth # 1225. We are launching some amazing sensing technologies that will change the air & gas sensing markets.

New Technology Platforms For:

  • Methane Leak Detection
  • A2L Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Leak Detection
  • Battery Powered IAQ Measurement

EV Thermal Runaway Innovations

The Automotive Industry is seeing unprecedented growth in the electric and hybrid vehicles. Automotive OEMs are constantly innovating battery technologies that can increase the vehicle driving range and shorten charging times.

These innovations have brought forward the need for thermal management and thermal runaway detection systems within the battery systems within these vehicles.

Our approach to solving this application includes real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, pressure, particulate and other indictors released before thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries begins – all in one sensor with a CAN, LIN or J1939 interface designed to talk directly to the battery management system (BMS).

Our scalable approach to solving this application allows OEMs and Tier-level suppliers the ability to address this critical application TODAY.

White House & EPA Create Methane Emission “Action Plan”

Methane leaking from retired or abandoned well-heads, pipelines, production facilities and landfills accounts for 20% of all greenhouse gasses. Methane is 25x more potent than CO2 in trapping heat in the atmosphere.

The US EPA has created an “Action Plan” aimed at reducing methane emissions 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.

The heightened focus on methane emissions will impact myriad industries in the USA – and will result in opportunities for innovative companies to bring IoT-based leak detection technologies to market.

Methane Gas Detection Technologies

Innovaer Technologies offers three different methane gas detection technologies, each uniquely positioned to address all methane leak detection applications.

TDLAS – Fast Response Time

  • 0 to 100% LEL
  • T90 <20

Long-Path NDIR – High Accuracy

  • 0 to 1500ppm
  • 1ppm resolution

Industrial NDIR – Robust

  • 0 to 5% / 0 to 100% vol. in air
  • -40F to 160F working temperature

Monetization of asset monitoring data has become the breakthrough pathway to new revenue generation in the HVAC industry!

Creating battery powered IoT solutions that measure all critical IAQ parameters and can be integrated with a “push of a button” is almost a requirement in today’s commercial and residential HVAC markets.

Innovaer Technologies not only offer a super-low power NDIR CO2 sensing engine, we also offer a laser scattering particulate matter sensor specifically designed for this application – the only PM sensor on the market designed for battery powered applications!

Super Low Power NDIR CO2 Sensor

  • 37uA working current
  • 0 to 5000ppm range
  • 15+ years lifespan
  • UART & I2C Output
  • Matrix temp & RH calibration

Low Power Laser Particulate Matter Sensor

  • 53mA working current
  • <4 seconds time to first reading
  • Can be powered on/off
  • GRIMM & TSI Output
  • PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 Output

New Innovaer Technologies Website Coming Soon!

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Hydrocarbon emissions coming into focus for US Government

Earlier this year, the US Government announced increased focus and effort behind Hydrocarbon emissions and mitigation steps to reduce or eliminate pipeline and well leaks. In partnership with Cubic Sensor & Instruments, Innovaer is working to launch several new innovative solutions to provide unique and valuable options for this effort.

Our most recent products provide solutions for Propane(NDIR) and Methane(TDLAS) detection. Our product pipeline(no pun intended) is just starting to flow with high resolution and low power solutions targeted for launch later this summer. For more information, email Innovaer Technologies at

#methanereduction #methane #ndir

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Product Launch – PM1009 “Smart Vacuum”

Smart Home Products continue to populate homes and residences offering greater intelligence in products like doorbells, thermostats, and lighting. With the knowledge of the importance of air quality growing more each day, many smart home devices are looking for partners to provide high performance and low-cost air quality sensors for their innovative products. With benchmark applications and solutions in products like smart home air quality monitors, thermostats, & air purifiers, a new concept that the Innovaer & Cubic team is thrilled to announce is the dust sensor for real time measurement of dust build up in smart home vacuums.

Why and how would you apply a dust sensor to a smart home vacuum? Simply, by applying a dust sensor, it could monitor the area dust concentration in real time and use the data so the robot could design the best cleaning route and adjust the motor speed to improve cleaning efficiency according to the current working area’s turbidity. Also, the dust concentration data could be used to avoid the repeated work in the same area. Owing to the application of dust sensors, the sweeping robot could greatly improve the working efficiency and extend the service life of the motor.

The Cubic dust sensor, PM1009, is especially developed for smart vacuum cleaners. A thoughtful mechanical design in size and split structure makes it easy to install for multiple structures, suitable for a traditional vacuum cleaner handle pipe or the smart sweeping robot. Creating a simple measurement solution of the the dust concentration in real time.

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Woosh – “Smart Home” Filtration for Residential Applications

EPA Clean Air Building Challenge
ASHRAE 62.1 Addendum aa
California Title 24
The COVID-19 Pandemic

There are many standards and regulations in the Commercial HVAC market that have increased the overall knowledge of how ventilation and filtration have the greatest impact on ensuring clean air in the spaces we spend our time in outside of the home.

You can now see this increased understanding around the importance of clean air has made its way into our homes. “Smart” thermostat manufacturers like NEST and ECOBEE are changing the way heating and air conditioning systems are utilized in the home. BUT, there was always a missing link between the “Smart” thermostat and real-time automation of ventilation and filtration in the home.

The next logical step was for an innovative company to be able to capture the Commercial HVAC market momentum around ventilation and filtration for healthy air and bring it to the home.

The Team at Innovaer-Cubic was very lucky to be introduced to Winston Mok, the visionary behind the Woosh concept designed to bridge the gap between the “Smart” thermostat and automating in-home ventilation and filtration ensuring optimized air quality in real-time.

Click to Learn More!

Woosh & Innovaer – Ensuring Clean Air in Our Homes

Woosh relies on NDIR CO2 and particulate matter sensors from Innovaer Cubic to provide accurate real-time air quality data to power their air quality monitors – Woosh transforms home HVAC systems into “Smart” air purifiers.

How It Works

The product consists of an Air Quality Monitor & Smart Air Filter that work together to automatically protect a home’s air.

It actively monitors air quality and when paired with a NEST or ECOBEE “Smart” thermostat, automatically circulates filtered air when air quality is poor.

Woosh’s smart filter has integrated sensors that take the guesswork out of knowing when the filter is full and a new filter shows up at your door when it’s time to change.

To learn more about our partners head over to, or better yet check them out on Kickstarter right now

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Innovaer to showcase EV Thermal Runaway Detection Solutions SAE WCX 2022 – Booth #555

The Automotive Industry is seeing unprecedented growth in electric and hybrid vehicles. A culture of sustainability for future generations is driving car consumer vehicle purchasing trends away from conventional internal combustion engines towards greener choices like EV and Hybrid vehicles.

Automotive OEMs and tier-level suppliers are constantly innovating and developing battery technologies that can increase the vehicle driving range and shorten charging times. With the push to increase vehicle driving range and shorten charging times, thermal management of battery systems has become a critical topic with the goal of ensuring occupant and vehicle safety.

Increasing the driving range of vehicles can be achieved in multiple ways. The most common methods are: leveraging larger battery packs with more modules & cells, and implementing higher energy density cells. Regardless of how increased driving range is achieved, all battery systems are susceptible to thermal runaway.

What is Thermal Runaway?

There are myriad case studies and white papers that have done in depth research and analysis on thermal runaway in EV and Hybrid vehicle battery systems. The goal of these case studies and white papers has been determining the best sensing methodology for early detection of thermal runaway.

How Can Cubic “Solve” These Applications?

Regardless of the failure mode – battery abuse, overheating, overcharging and nail penetration testing – carbon dioxide (CO2) was the leading indicator for thermal runaway and was present in the vent gas of the battery systems. This rapid increase of measured CO2 was followed by a subsequent increase in vent gas temperature and pressure to include the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

As the world’s largest air and gas sensing technology manufacturer, Cubic Sensors & Instruments has already commercialized an innovative and flexible thermal runaway detection platform. This platform allows the OEM or tier-level supplier the ability to create early-warning detection systems for EV and Hybrid vehicle thermal runaway specific to the vehicle platform.

Cubic S&I Application Focus

Our ODM capabilities are second to none – you select the detection principles best suited for the application and our Engineering and Manufacturing Team can accelerate from ideation to production in months, not years!

Cubic Sensors & Instruments and their N. American partner Innovaer Technologies will be showcasing a complete line of air and gas sensing technologies at the SAE World Congress on April 5th through April 7th. Our technologies are designed to support emerging automotive application needs as well as some of the most difficult and cost-constrained air and gas detection applications. These technology platforms can be applied to:

EV Battery Thermal Runaway

Child Left Behind Detection

EV HVAC System Optimization

Automotive Refrigerant Leak Detection

Driver Alertness Monitoring

Cabin Air Quality Monitoring & Improvement 

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ANSI/AHRAE Addendum aa Brings Measurable Standards to IAQ

Download a Copy of Addendum aa!

The HVAC/R Industry saw the publication of Addendum aa to the ANSI / AHSRAE 62.1-2019 standard. Addendum aa allows for an alternative to standard Ventilation Rate Procedure calculations to allow for the IAQ Procedure (IAQP) as a means to maintain design compound concentrations and PM2.5 in indoor environments below design limits.

So – Now What?

Addendum aa set out to establish limits for certain compounds, PM2.5 and procedures that would be used to validate indoor design compound concentrations after the building is completed with the goal of ensuring occupant satisfaction. But how can the building occupants ensure that these levels are maintained post-completion?

Real-Time IAQ Performance Data Is Key!

Addendum aa exponentially increases the value of measuring IAQ parameters in real-time. Cubic Sensors & Instruments has the most complete portfolio of IAQ sensors – PM, VOC, Formaldehyde, CO2 Carbon Monoxide – available to our Partners with the goal of ensuring they can respond to the new regulations faster than their competitors.

Innovative companies know that measuring these components will ensure their customers have peace of mind knowing that their buildings are performing to the design limits established when the building was first completed.

Contact Innovaer for a list of ASHRAE Addendum aa compliant sensors!

Tony Nowak
Innovaer Technologies
email –
mobile – 630 222 5835

Don O’Brien
General Manager
Innovaer Technologies
email –
mobile – 224 297 1925

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Innovation Showcase at AHR 2022!

AHR Expo 2022 is almost here!

Innovaer Technologies and Cubic Sensors & Instruments are excited to showcase all the new innovative air and gas sensing technologies that have rolled out since we all last gathered together for AHR!

Come to Booth C1080 to learn how our technology portfolio can solve the most demanding air quality applications… and the direction our future innovations are heading!

AHR Profile – Link

LinkedIn Profile – Link

New Product Launches at AHR Expo!

AM4205 A2L Refrigerant Leak Detection System

Innovaer Technologies and Cubic Sensors & Instruments have launched the AM4205 A2L refrigerant leak detection sensor designed to detect leaks of R32 and R32-based blends in HVAC/R systems.

The AM4205 A2L refrigerant leak detection system is designed to ensure UL alignment in the areas of:

  • 15+ Years Expected Lifetime
  • Fast Response Time: < 10 Seconds
  • Measurement Accuracy – No False Positives
  • Long-term Measurement Stability
  • Maintenance Free Installation – Reference Channel and Self-Compensation remove the need for ABC
  • No Measurement Impact due to Temperature or Humidity Changes – High Humidity Alarm
  • Immunity to Poisoning
  • Selective to the target gas being measured

Datasheet – Link

Ultra-Low Power NDIR CO2 Sensors for Battery Powered Applications

The CM1106SL-NS is the next generation of NDIR sensors specifically designed for battery powered applications without sacrificing measurement accuracy. Additionally, the integrated ABC algorithm ensures that the sensor is providing reliable CO2 measurement for over 15 years.

  • Range: 0-5000ppm
  • +/-40ppm +3% with dynamic averaging
  • 37uA current consumption with 2-minute measurement cycle
  • 74uA current consumption with 1-minute measurement cycle

Datasheet – Link

Speed-To-Market is everything in today’s world!

Innovaer Technologies has the products designed to bring your company’s IoT IAQ solutions to market faster than your competition. These innovative “combination” sensors that measure multiple air quality parameters in a single device and make the measured values available via a single streamlined UART interface.

Datasheet – Link