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Can your company afford to continue to do business as usual?

Vertically integrated supply chain

Innovative products

Best pricing

Highest quality standards

Innovaer Technologies and Cubic S&I products have not been impacted by the current microprocessor shortages seen by our competitors – our products have been engineered to be able to support multiple microprocessor vendors so that our production lines never stop.

Products are available that are a direct mechanical & electrical replacement for Senseair, Amphenol and Sensirion products and all sensing solutions are available with a standard 3 to 4-week lead time regardless of the volumes; 1-week lead time with a forecast!

Innovaer Technologies and Cubic S&I are reshaping the price-performance ratio for air and gas sensing applications with innovative, robust, reliable and repeatable sensors at disruptive pricing.

Cubic S&I is the world’s largest NDIR CO2 sensor & laser PM sensor manufacturer with ISO and IATF certifications.


  • Innovaer and Cubic S&I are not affected by the microprocessor shortages
  • All products have a 3 to 4-week lead time – 1 week with the submittal of a forecast
  • Direct electrical / mechanical drop-in sensors for common Senseair, Amphenol and Sensirion products
  • Manufacturing footprint is ISO & IATF certified

Innovaer – the best technology at the best price!

Call, email, text – we can solve your air & gas sensing application challenges…

Don O’Brien – (224) 297-1925
Tony Nowak – (630) 222-5835

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