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Coming Soon – AHR 2024

Innovaer Technologies and our partner Cubic Sensors & Instruments are excited to showcase all of the new innovative air and gas sensing technologies that will launch in this new year at booth S6569!

We know that schedules are busy during these events – reach out to us in advance and we can schedule a time to visit our booth that best fits your schedule!

Link to AHR Portal

New Products Coming to AHR!

62.1 Addendum ab Compliant NDIR CO2 Sensors

Air Quality Take Center Stage with LEED v5

PM Sensors Designed To Validate ASHRAE 241

A2L & 3 Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensors

62.1 Addendum ab Compliant NDIR CO2 Sensors

Addendum ab establishes accuracy requirements for CO2 sensors used in DCV applications.

Section of ASHRAE 62.1 Addendum ab states that CO2 sensors shall be certified by the manufacturer to be accurate within +/-75ppm at concentrations of 600, 1000, and 2500ppm when measured at seal level at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius).

Innovaer Technologies is the market leader in CO2 measurement applications. Our portfolio of single-channel and dual-channel NDIR sensors ensure our OEM Partners are compliant with Addendum ab.

LEED v5 was announced in October of 2023 and monitoring indoor air quality has taken center stage!

LEED v5 was published with a goal of supporting indoor air quality awareness. LEED v5 has allocated up to 10 points for real-time continuous monitoring of specific indoor air quality parameters.

​Speed to Market is Everything!

Innovaer Technologies has a portfolio of sensors designed to address the requirements outlined in LEED v5.

Are you establishing the right partnerships ensuring you stay ahead of the competition?

ASHRAE Standard 241 was published in July 2023 with the goal of reducing the risk of infectious aerosols in buildings. The standard will help address:

Risk Management

Air Flow Requirements

Air Filtration & Cleaning Technologies

Planning & Commissioning

Innovaer Technologies is thrilled to announce that Don O’Brien will be presenting at the AHR 2024 conference on the topic of sensor innovations designed to validate filtration and ventilation in support of ASHRAE 241.

​​​​​​​Sign up today to attend and learn more about the innovative solutions available Innovaer Technologies.

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Innovaer Technologies has launched the AM4205 & AM4203 A2L refrigerant leak detection sensors are designed to detect leaks of R32 and R32-based blends in HVAC/R systems.

The AM4205 & AM4203 A2L refrigerant leak detection systems are designed to ensure UL alignment in the areas of:

15+ Years Expected Lifetime

Fast Response Time: <10 Seconds

Measurement Accuracy – No False Positives

Long-Term Measurement Stability

Maintenance Free Installation – Reference Channel and Self-Calibration

Immune to Temperature and RH Changes

Immunity to Poisoning

Selective to Target Gas

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Happy Holidays from Innovaer – New Products Coming in Early 2024

Santa! I Know Him!

This Holiday Season, the Team Members at Innovaer Technologies have been working behind the scenes with Santa to ensure that all the good girls and boys have the best air quality monitoring solutions under the Christmas Tree.

As the year winds down, we hope that you have an opportunity to decompress and relax after a busy 2023 and recharge for a successful 2024.

Happy Holidays,

The Innovaer Team

Coming In 2024

Type-4 Housing for Battery Powered Applications: Measure Methane, Propane and CO2

Low Noise, Long Life, Compact Housing Fans and Blowers

ASHRAE Standard 62.1 Addendum ab Compliant NDIR CO2 Sensors

ASHRAE Standard 241 Compliant Particulate Matter Sensors