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Have you seen the EPA layered risk reduction strategy for reducing the transmission risk of COVID-19 in schools?

The strategy states that controlling indoor air quality offers the greatest reduction in COVID-19 transmission after social distancing in occupied spaces.

  • Ventilation – measuring CO2 levels determines if there is an appropriate air-exchange rate in the space. Simply put, fresh air helps reduce the amount of virus suspended in air.
  • Filtration – the COVID-19 virus likes to “ride” on suspended particles in air. Measuring real-time particulate matter values ensures that filtration systems are actively filtering out these particles.
  • Surface Cleaning & Sanitizing – cleaning products give off dangerous odors. Measuring VOC levels after a cleaning cycle can ensure spaces are safe to enter post cleaning.

Speed to Market is critical for OEMs tasked with addressing these market drivers – Innovaer Technologies is the leader in providing robust & reliable sensors to our partners at the “Speed of Innovation” with a proven track record of taking multi-year phase gate product developments and completing them in months.

New Federal Guidelines & Standards are coming that will outline when and how it will be safe to open our schools and workplaces to preCOVID-19 capacities. This will place an even higher premium on monitoring indoor air quality.

Most buildings, schools and homes are lacking the infrastructure to monitor indoor air quality, so how can one quickly and easily create visibility to IAQ?

The AM7000 Air Quality Monitor is a simple plug-and-play device that provides an elegant display for measuring CO2, PM2.5, VOC, temperature, and humidity in real-time and helps interpret the measured values with a simplified “stop light” visual for each measured value.

Watch the Video Here –

The Innovaer Tech Team recently came across an article about a tech start-up that is developing IAQ (indoor air quality) measurement & COVID-19 mitigation systems that are 99.9% effective in cleaning indoor air to the transportation industries in the UK and Ireland.

First the system measures: carbon dioxide, VOCs, particulate matter, temperature & humidity to create an “air quality index.” Then the system obliterates the coronavirus with a combination of a proprietary “sterionizer,” a copper-laced HEPA filter and a UVC light source.

When people breathe, cough, sneeze or talk we emit tiny particles that COVID-19 can attach to. Measuring these particles with a laser particulate matter sensor capable of outputting PM2.5 & PM10 values (direct measurement of particles ranging from 1.5 to 10 microns) is critical in ensuring a before and after snapshot of how filtration systems are performing.

The Cubic AM1008W incorporates all the critical IAQ measurements into a single PCB, allowing you to focus on established organizational expertise so you can bring similar products into other markets at the “Speed of Innovation.”
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