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Innovaer Exhibiting At The Methane Mitigation Summit

The Methane Mitigation Technology & Innovation Summit will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa in Austin Texas on June 11th – 13th. 2024’s Summit is focused on bringing technology innovators from around the globe who are leading the way in methane detection, measurement and mitigation.
Innovaer Technologies will be exhibiting our portfolio of environmental sensors and controls with a focus on methane detection sensors.

We know that schedules are busy during these events – reach out to us in advance and we can schedule a time that best fits your schedule to visit the booth.

Methane Detection Sensors

Real-Time GHG Monitoring

  • 1ppm CH4 Minimum Detection Limit (MDL)
  • 0.1ppm resolution
  • 5ppm + 2% Measured Value Accuracy
  • 0-1000ppm measurement range
  • Advanced AI for real-time temperature and humidity compensation

Methane Alarm & Monitor Applications

The Gasboard-2500 is a methane gas sensor based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
(TDLAS) technology with %LFL or %Vol output.

The Gasboard-2500 / 2501 contains a high performance probe and special processing measurement chamber with the advantages of high accuracy, high sensitivity, wide working temperature range, and a longer life.

Industrial grade NDIR gas sensors are widely used to detect concentration of CH4 in industrial applications.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

The EPA’s final rule for oil and natural gas operations directs the industry to reduce emissions of methane and other harmful pollutants. This rule includes “New Source Performance Standards” and “Emissions Guidelines” which work to establish procedures and performance standards for states to follow as plans are developed to limit methane emissions.

With a rapidly evolving marketplace, speed-to-market of system solutions is critical. Innovaer Technologies has the design experience and sensor knowledge to provide full turn key design & build solutions to customers looking to add a Continuous Emission Monitoring System. A customized solution can be in production in less than 1 year.

  • Robust design for all environment
  • Smart power consumption management with battery & solar supply
  • Lifetime over 10 years
  • Integrated weather station
  • Selectable communication protocols
  • Superior accuracy and sensitivity over all conditions