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Innovation Showcase at AHR 2022!

AHR Expo 2022 is almost here!

Innovaer Technologies and Cubic Sensors & Instruments are excited to showcase all the new innovative air and gas sensing technologies that have rolled out since we all last gathered together for AHR!

Come to Booth C1080 to learn how our technology portfolio can solve the most demanding air quality applications… and the direction our future innovations are heading!

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New Product Launches at AHR Expo!

AM4205 A2L Refrigerant Leak Detection System

Innovaer Technologies and Cubic Sensors & Instruments have launched the AM4205 A2L refrigerant leak detection sensor designed to detect leaks of R32 and R32-based blends in HVAC/R systems.

The AM4205 A2L refrigerant leak detection system is designed to ensure UL alignment in the areas of:

  • 15+ Years Expected Lifetime
  • Fast Response Time: < 10 Seconds
  • Measurement Accuracy – No False Positives
  • Long-term Measurement Stability
  • Maintenance Free Installation – Reference Channel and Self-Compensation remove the need for ABC
  • No Measurement Impact due to Temperature or Humidity Changes – High Humidity Alarm
  • Immunity to Poisoning
  • Selective to the target gas being measured

Datasheet – Link

Ultra-Low Power NDIR Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors for Battery Powered Applications

The CM1106SL-NS is the next generation of NDIR sensors specifically designed for battery powered applications without sacrificing measurement accuracy. Additionally, the integrated ABC algorithm ensures that the sensor is providing reliable carbon dioxide (CO2 ) measurement for over 15 years.

  • Range: 0-5000ppm
  • +/-40ppm +3% with dynamic averaging
  • 37uA current consumption with 2-minute measurement cycle
  • 74uA current consumption with 1-minute measurement cycle

Datasheet – Link

Speed-To-Market is everything in today’s world!

Innovaer Technologies has the products designed to bring your company’s IoT IAQ solutions to market faster than your competition. These innovative “combination” sensors that measure multiple air quality parameters in a single device and make the measured values available via a single streamlined UART interface.

Datasheet – Link

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