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New Product Launch!

Cubic Sensors & Instruments, the world’s leading particulate matter sensor manufacturer, and Innovaer Technologies are proud to announce the launch of the PM2016 particulate matter sensor (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 & particle counting output).

The PM2016 is part of a checkmate strategy designed to ensure Cubic S&I has a portfolio of indoor air quality sensors that not only provides solutions for all customers’ applications, but also directly replaces competitive technology. With advanced features, more long-term durability, and better price points, Innovaer Technologies delivers TCO (total cost of ownership) optimization for our customers.

  • Industry Disruptive Pricing!
  • Option to add temperature and humidity sensors in the same housing (volume dependent)
  • Longer Lifetime – 14+ years installed life
  • Accuracy & repeatability throughout a larger Working Temperature
  • Mass concentration and Particle Count Output – 0.3µm, 0.5µm, 1.0µm, 2.5µm, 5.0µm and 10µm
  • Advanced Algorithms & Innovative Hardware – API, Matrix Calibration and proprietary laser diode and constant speed fan

Product Features

Lab-Grade Accuracy

Cubic S&I particulate matter sensors directly measure all particle sizes up to PM10 – and are not calculated as in competitive technologies. Direct measurement of the particle size combined with API, a matrix temperature and humidity calibration scheme as well as innovations in the laser diode and constant speed air intake fan ensure that the PM2016 performs as well as many lab-grade PM technologies.

API – Auto-Particle Identification

The API algorithm allows the sensor to determine the application environment and “switch” between temperature compensated calibration curves specific to the application environment in real-time – smoke, A1 dust or atmospheric levels of particulate. The API algorithm determines the application environment by analyzing the particle density based on the particle size, distribution characteristics and dust concentration ensuring the PM sensor outputs a accurate and reliable PM measurement accurate to the GRIMM and TSI standards.

Anti-Dust Structure

Over time solid particulate and liquid droplets carried in the measured gas will affect the performance of any dust sensor by accumulating on the laser diode or photo-detector. Cubic S&I created a proprietary anti-dust structure within the PM sensor ensuring the Cubic particulate matter sensors can provide an accurate and repeatable measurement for up to 14 years of continuous operation. This anti-dust structure is internal to the PM sensor and redirects a small side stream of inlet air. This side stream of air is then conditioned and passed through an internal HEPA filter before being passed between the laser diode and photo-diode to create a clean air “barrier” between the measurement surfaces and the inlet air samples. This prevents accumulation of solid particulate or liquid droplets.

Particulate Matter Product Portfolio –

AHR 2022 – January 31st thru February 2nd

Innovaer Technologies will be exhibiting at AHR 2022 in Las Vegas – come by to review all of our innovative air and gas sensing technologies as well as future innovations that will reshape the air quality measurement market!

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