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Press Release! A2L & A3 Sensors are Certified

Cubic Sensor & Instrument Co., Ltd – UL & IEC 60335-2-40 Recognition of A2L & A3L Leak Detection Sensor Portfolio for R32, R454B and R290

Cubic Sensor & Instrument Co., Ltd, , in partnership with Innovaer Technologies, is pleased to announce that the Dual Channel NDIR AM4205, AM4203, & AM4203DR for A2L & A3L refrigeration gas leak detection sensing has been certified to UL 60335-2-40 and IEC 60335-2-40 for detection of R32, R454B and R290 in HVAC/R applications.

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This is a critical milestone in supporting the HVAC/R industry as our Industry partners begin migrating to refrigerant blends with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). UL and IEC recognition of these critical components will allow our partners to streamline the design and manufacturing processes for the newly required A2L & A3L leak detection systems. 

Tony Nowak, President of Innovaer Technologies, expressed his excitement about this achievement, stating, “UL and IEC certification for these products is a major accomplishment for Innovaer Technologies and Cubic Sensor and Instrument. UL and IEC certification for these critical components signifies our commitment to safety standards, regulatory compliance and providing our customers with robust and reliable sensing systems to go along with production lines already established to support customers supply chain requirements.”

Portfolio Summary 

  • MODBUS RTU or Analog Output for real-time LFL measurement
  • SPST and DPDT Relay Output reduces the need for an external mitigation board
  • 15+ Years Expected Lifetime
  • Fast Response Time
  • NDIR sensing engine ensure high accuracy measurement
  • Maintenance Free – Internal reference channel and self-compensation remove the need for calibration
  • Multi-point temperature and humidity compensation
  • Immunity to Poisoning
  • Selective to the target gas being measured
  • Production in place to support delivery of over 4M sensors per year
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