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Product Launch – PM1009 “Smart Vacuum” Particulate Matter Sensor

Smart Home Products continue to populate homes and residences offering greater intelligence in products like doorbells, thermostats, and lighting. With the knowledge of the importance of air quality growing more each day, many smart home devices are looking for partners to provide high performance and low-cost air quality sensors for their innovative products. With benchmark applications and solutions in products like smart home air quality monitors, thermostats, & air purifiers, a new concept that the Innovaer & Cubic team is thrilled to announce is the dust sensor for real time measurement of dust build up in smart home vacuums.

Why and how would you apply a dust sensor to a smart home vacuum? Simply, by applying a dust sensor, it could monitor the area dust concentration in real time and use the data so the robot could design the best cleaning route and adjust the motor speed to improve cleaning efficiency according to the current working area’s turbidity. Also, the dust concentration data could be used to avoid the repeated work in the same area. Owing to the application of dust sensors, the sweeping robot could greatly improve the working efficiency and extend the service life of the motor.

The Cubic particulate matter dust sensor, PM1009, is especially developed for smart vacuum cleaners. A thoughtful mechanical design in size and split structure makes it easy to install for multiple structures, suitable for a traditional vacuum cleaner handle pipe or the smart sweeping robot. Creating a simple measurement solution of the the dust concentration in real time.

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