AIS-8100 Automotive Air Quality Sensor for CO2 and Particulate Matter Measurement

The AIS-8100 is an in-cabin air quality sensing array specifically designed for the automotive industry. An integrated particulate matter and NDIR carbon dioxide sensor measure these critical air quality parameters in real-time and then communicates directly to the vehicle controller via a CAN, LIN or J1939 interface
Target applications for the AIS-8100:
● Child Left Behind Detection
● EV HVAC System Optimization for Battery Driving Range Management
● Driver Alertness Monitoring
● Cabin Air Quality Monitoring & Improvement

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  • NDIR CO2 sensing for fast response and high accuracy CO2 measurement
  • Laser Scattering particulate matter sensing for high accuracy and wide measurement range
  • Auto-calibration features ensure long installed life
  • CAN, LIN or J1939 communication interfaces available



Operating principle NDIR(dual channel non-dispersive Infrared) technology
Measurement target CO2,PM2.5 (PM1.0 PM10 optional)
Measurement range CO2:0ppm~10000ppm(Display up to 60Kppm)
Resolution CO2:1ppm
Accuracy CO2:≤750ppm,±75ppm; >750ppm,±10% of reading
PM2.5:≤35μg/m³: ±5μg/m³;>35μg/m³: ±15% reading
Response time CO2:T90≤30s ; PM2.5:T90≤10s
Working temperature -40~+85℃,0-95%RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -40~+95℃,0-95%RH (non-condensing)
Power supply 9~16 VDC, standard voltage 12 VDC
Working current ≤150mA @12VDC
Standby current ≤100μA
Communication CAN,other communication protocol can be customized
IP rating IP54
Dimensions 84*72*31(mm)



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