AM4203H-DR-R454B A2L Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensor with Dual Relay



AM4203-DR-R454B A2L Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensor Module Specifications
Detecting principle NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology
Measurement gas R454B
Measurement range 0~50% LFL (Extendable up to 100% LFL)
Accuracy ±2.5% LFL (@15%~25%LFL,-30~60℃)
Working temperature -30~60℃
Power supply 12/24VDC
Communication MODBUS RTU and SPDT & SPST Relay
Lifetime >15years, fault alarm before EOL will report
Certificate Conformity CE, EMC, RoHS, Reach Certificate Available

Certified IEC 60079-1, UL 60335-2-40 4th.

Technology Comparison
Key Features NDIR Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Thermal Conductivity Comparison
Selectivity Excellent Poor Fair NDIR with excellent selectivity

MOS easily poisoned and impacted by interference gas

Accuracy Excellent Fair Fair NDIR Matrix calibration to ensure accuracy

MOS and TC sensitive to temperature and humidity change

Response Excellent Fair Poor NDIR has a fast response

MOS slow recovery rate, extended preheating time

Temperature and Humidity Impact No Impact Accuracy Easily Influenced Accuracy Easily Influenced TC easily impacted by temperature and humidity
Life time Excellent Poor Fair NDIR long-term stability, no false alarm

MOS short life time, possible for false alarms

TC has relatively longer life time than MOS, but still shorter than NDIR

UL60335 compliance Fully Compliant Not Fully


Not Fully


Cubic NDIR sensor could fully comply with UL60335 & EN60079

Neither MOS or TC is comply with UL60335-2-40 Annex LL


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