Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Sensor

The Diesel Particulate Soot Sensor is installed downstream of the diesel particulate filter and is used to monitor the efficacy of the diesel particulate filter. The Diesel Particulate Soot Sensor helps to reduce particulate emissions by 99% and ensure that exhaust gases to meet emission standards.

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  • Stable sensor signal, high accuracy and a long installed life under various application and driving conditions
  • Compatible with multiple vehicle platforms
  • Diagnostic functions from the sensor are available



Measurement range 0< PM concentration< 25mg/m³
Accuracy +/- 1,5mg / m³(rang<10mg / m³)
+/- 15% (rang>10mg / m³)
Max. gas temperature Regeneration up to 850°continuously,
peak temperature: up to 950°C for 5 x 60 sec,
during sensor operation < 400°C
Exhaust pressure ≤2.5bar
Storage temperature ECU: -40℃-115℃;
Unpowered: -40℃-95℃;
Response time t[10-90] <20sec
Light-off time <750sec @soot concentration of 3 mg /m³
<300sec @soot concentration 8 mg /m³


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