ECO-5011A Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor with UART Output

The ECO-5011 Meets UL2034, EN50291 and ROHS application requirements
Designed for battery powered applications with low power requirements
Environmentally friendly electrolyte with robust sensor packaging to ensure technology wont leak


  • Expanded Measuring Range Up To 10,000ppm
  • Designed for battery powered applications
  • Long Lifespan 8+ years
  • UART Output for streamlined integration
  • High Selectivity to CO and Great Repeatability



Accuracy ‘+/-5ppm or +/-10%, whichever is larger
Response Time (t90) ‘<60s
Measurement Range 0 to 10,000ppm
Resolution 0.5ppm
Repeatability +/-2% of reading
Temperature Range -4˚F to 140˚F (-20˚C to 60˚C)
Humidity Range

Communication Interface

‘5 to 99% RH


Dimensions 60mm x 17mm x 20mm
Weight 20g
Life Expectancy >8+ years


Operating Principle

ECO-5011 is a fuel cell type gas sensor. Carbon Monoxide and oxygen undergo a redox reaction on the work electrode and the counter electrode which then releases a current signal that can be measured.

The generated current is proportional to the carbon monoxide concentration.


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