Gasboard-8500V-RH Ultrasonic Oxygen Concentration Sensor for Medical Device Applications

The Gasboard-8500V-RH is an ultrasonic oxygen concentration sensor is used to measure oxygen concentration in binary gasses.
The Gasboard-8500V-RH uses a time-of-flight measurement principle that can provide a stable and accurate measurement that is free from drift and does not require calibration.


  • Ultrasonic measurement of oxygen concentration (flow range 0-20 liters per minute)
  • Time of Flight measurement principle ensures continuous measurement free of drift and removes the need for regular calibration
  • Excellent measurement stability, high accuracy and fast response in all medical device application environments
  • Full scale temperature and humidity compensation
  • Optimized Price-Performance Ratio
  • Easily integrated into ventilators, compact size



Detection Principle Ultrasonic Technology
Detection Range O2 Concentration 0~100%①
Resolution O2 Concentration 0.1%
Response Time ≤5s (T90)
Work Condition 0~50℃;0~99%RH below(Non-condensing)
Storage Condition -20~50℃;0~95%RH below (Non-condensing)
Working Voltage DC 4.75-12.6V, Ripple Wave≤50mV
Average Working Current ≤40mA
Communication Interface UART_TTL(3.3V)
Product Size Φ30X46mm
Life Span ≥5 Years


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