The LSU4.9 Wide Band Oxygen Sensor


  • Low heating power
  • Short light-off time
  • Low dependency on exhaust gas temperature - stability in varying operating applications
  • Industry leading aging resistance, anti-coating, anti-poisoning in a compact design
  • Compatible with multiple vehicle platforms
  • OEM and ODM capabilities for custom sensors



Heater resistance 3.2±0.5Ω
Operating voltage 7.5V
Heater power steady state 9 W
Measurement range λ=0.65-∞
Oxygen concentration 0-21%
Accuracy when λ=0.8, 0.8±0.03;
when λ=1, 1.016±0.007;
when λ=1.7, 1.7±0.05;
Operating temperature / Exhaust gas temperature 150~930°C
Storage temperature -40°C~+90°C
Light-off time <15S


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