PM2105L Low Power Laser Scattering Particulate Matter Sensor

Fast Power-On and Time to First Reading Accommodates Battery Powered Applications
GRIMM Three-Channel Output
Direct Measurement of Suspended Particles
RoHS and Reach Compliant


  • Three-Channel Output - PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10
  • Constant speed fan and constant power diode maintain measurement accuracy and stability
  • High accuracy, high sensitivity and fast response time, <8 seconds



Measurement Particle Range 0.3µm to 10µm
Measurement Range 0 to 5,000µg/m3
Resolution 1µg/m3
Accuracy PM1.0 & PM2.5: 0 to 100µg/m3, +/-10µg/m3
PM1.0 & PM2.5: >100µg/m3, +/-10% of reading
PM10: 0 to 100µg/m3, +/-30µg/m3
PM10: 101 to 1,000µg/m3, +/-30% of reading
Temperature Range ’14˚F to 140˚F (-10˚C to 60˚C)
Humidity Range ‘0 to 95% RH
Supply Voltage 5VDC +/-0.1VDC
Supply Current <53mA
Communication Interfaces  UART,I2C & PWM
Dimensions 42mm x 35mm x 23.7mm
Life Expectancy 128,000 hours (14.6 years), continuous operation


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