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Woosh – “Smart Home” Filtration for Residential Applications

EPA Clean Air Building Challenge
ASHRAE 62.1 Addendum aa
California Title 24
The COVID-19 Pandemic

There are many standards and regulations in the Commercial HVAC market that have increased the overall knowledge of how ventilation and filtration have the greatest impact on ensuring clean air in the spaces we spend our time in outside of the home.

You can now see this increased understanding around the importance of clean air has made its way into our homes. “Smart” thermostat manufacturers like NEST and ECOBEE are changing the way heating and air conditioning systems are utilized in the home. BUT, there was always a missing link between the “Smart” thermostat and real-time automation of ventilation and filtration in the home.

The next logical step was for an innovative company to be able to capture the Commercial HVAC market momentum around ventilation and filtration for healthy air and bring it to the home.

The Team at Innovaer-Cubic was very lucky to be introduced to Winston Mok, the visionary behind the Woosh concept designed to bridge the gap between the “Smart” thermostat and automating in-home ventilation and filtration ensuring optimized air quality in real-time.

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Woosh & Innovaer – Ensuring Clean Air in Our Homes

Woosh relies on NDIR CO2 and particulate matter sensors from Innovaer Cubic to provide accurate real-time air quality data to power their air quality monitors – Woosh transforms home HVAC systems into “Smart” air purifiers.

How It Works

The product consists of an Air Quality Monitor & Smart Air Filter that work together to automatically protect a home’s air.

It actively monitors air quality and when paired with a NEST or ECOBEE “Smart” thermostat, automatically circulates filtered air when air quality is poor.

Woosh’s smart filter has integrated sensors that take the guesswork out of knowing when the filter is full and a new filter shows up at your door when it’s time to change.

To learn more about our partners head over to, or better yet check them out on Kickstarter right now

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